Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ways That Are Suitable For You To Learn/Improve English

  • Sunday, June 5, 2011
  • Rahman Hatim
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  •         Way that could be a bridge so that we can communicate in English: the people in the travel, business, education, hobby, their friends or family and I want you all to know how to learn / improve English

    Taking a short course, a number of language courses are now available everywhere, at a local university or college. Internet as well as many who provide services of foreign language courses. Please type in keywords such as: learning Bahasa, or learning English online, English courses.. Well, take an English course is to start your business.Games that use the English language, if you are brave gamers, in this context, games like DotA or Pro Evolution Soccer may not be much help in improving your English language mastery. Find the game that many use English as a language rather than the characteristics of the game itself. With this, it will be always membelek dictionary for words that you know the intent is less understood.

    Make exercise in front of a mirror, if you are embarrassed to use the English language in front of the crowded, you can use to describe the reflection mirror as you're communicating with others. By using the mirror as a reflection of someone else, you can eliminate the jarring feeling you, so build your confidence in speaking English.However, do not rely on mirrors to build self confidence. Confidence rather than the result of this exercise is only useful to you first communicate with others and he can not help forever. You should also occasionally dealing with people actually are allowed to communicate in this language.

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